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Started in 2005, concept company is considered a pioneer company in providing the telecom services not only in Kuwait but in the Middle East region. The services include Zain franchise, SMS solutions, Bulk Messaging solution, Value Added Services, subscription services, Mobile marketing, SIM card manufacturing, Mobile and Fixed Data terminals, recharge cards and in building solutions.

Another recognition of our superiority in the telecom sector realized through starting up and operating a number of Zain prestigious branches in prime locations across Kuwait, Al Subahiya, Al Fanar Mall, Shuwaikh, AL Rai, Al Farwaniyah, Mobile Bus And more branches to come in the very soon.
We provide a one year standard warranty on our devices. 9 service centers located in all areas of Kuwait operated by our professional technician’s team with more than 10 years experience in this field, knowing that Concept is the best service center for mobile devices in Kuwait.
Bulk SMS
Concept group awarded the contract to implement the first Bulk SMS platform for Zain Kuwait and started its journey as bulk messages provider, the availability and delivery of the system is always guaranteed as we link our platform to mobile operators in Kuwait and out of Kuwait directly.
BTS Installation
BTS/BSC/MSC Installation and commissioning RF Survey/RF Planning Service, Drive Test BTS Field engineer may from time to time do some commissioning and integration of network elements as necessary to meet project goals. The Engineer may be called upon to participate in a customer’s project related meetings or in network development work or to handle other BSS Implementation roles as needed by project management. The Engineer shall be familiar with project related record keeping and paperwork requirements as related to Site Folders, Site Deficiency Reports, Hardware Repair and Common Expense Reporting practices.
IBS Solution
Building an active or passive in-building solution is dependent on building size. We have experience of installing indoors since 2005 ranging from 3 antenna installations to more complex projects involving several hundred. Preforming rapid deployment our solutions include a comprehensive survey, design, installation, integration and maintenance, as well as walk testing and proper labeling to identify faulty antennas during maintenance.
Direct Sales
Concept Company is considered a pioneer company in providing the telecom services. We deliver all form factors of Huawei routers to ZAIN Group. We offer our customers a variety of routers Devices with varying Types of Routers. We are providing all form of repeaters to Zain Kuwait such as Dual Band, Triple Band, and Quad Band. Concept is providing a great technology services as we are partners with Nokia
Indirect Sales
We extended our partnership with Zain to offer its products and services to through our shops and services center. Zain customers visit our shops to get the latest offers and promotions from Zain and enjoying the quality of services offered by our trained team.
SIM Cards
We deliver all form factors of SIM cards and SIM applications. We offer our customers a variety of SIM platforms with varying memory sizes, operating systems and a multitude of features to optimally meet the requirements of modern mobile network operators.
Recharge Cards
Concept is providing ultra-low over scratch occurrence to significantly reduce market complaints and an impenetrable, fraud-resistant security panel as well as Concept Quick Top-up app which using a QR code gives a second and faster option to recover PIN. As a renowned pioneer in the recharge card printing business we have introduced many market firsts that continually enhance our offering to clients such as ghosting apps, scratch-off tools, multi-language variable data, SCRATCH & WIN and much more.
Data Device Terminals
Concept is committed to help operators meet their subscribers diversified needs for terminals and thus creates business potentials for operators by providing a rich variety of network terminals. Concept offers Huawei Device products cover a wide range of series including Mobile Broadband, Convergence Terminal, Fixed Network CPE and Video Products.


We implement cutting-edge solutions for numerous valued clients throughout the Middle East and the GCC region. Our creative solutions help corporations and organizations to quickly adapt to new technologies that enhance business productivity and enable them to stay ahead of the competition. ITS delivers a comprehensive portfolio of world class quality solutions and services in a wide range of industry segments including Financial Services, Education Technologies, Energy and Utilities, Communication and Government. Our portfolio comprises of core industry solutions such as core banking solutions, student information system solutions and industry agnostic solutions such as Enterprise Integration, Infrastructure Solutions, Infrastructure Support Services, IT operations and administration outsourcing and Managed Services.

We saw a huge opportunity in ICT market and partnered with the fastest growing manufacturer in the world, upon signing the value added partner agreement we started offering all Huawei enterprise products in the Middle East region. We offer data center infrastructure, Enterprise Networking and Unified communication. We successfully deliver our projects and fulfill our customers’ needs and expectations.
Gemalto Products and Solutions
We partnered with the World leader in digital security to provide the best solution and products in all sectors. We provide the best solutions in Financial services and banking, Government, Identity and access, Machine to Machine, Transport, NFC-Mobile commerce, NFC-Service.


Being an early adopter of mobility services, concept company holds profound level of expertise in formulating trends and technology in mobility. The organization’s decade long experience in IOS and Android application development helps it deliver unparalleled services to various clients spread across the globe. We hold a rich history of having built robust and extraordinary IOS and Android apps that gives us a solid edge. Being the first players in IOS apps development, we offer end-to-end innovative endeavor, encompassing application idea rooting, modeling, initial prototyping and evaluation. Our extensive native domain knowledge enables us to develop cutting edge solutions with pixel perfect user experience.

IOS developers, designers and program managers are expert at getting the right balance between client’s concepts, iPhone platform standards, user experience and beliefs as well as technical challenges and possibilities in the project. As a result, a large number of our clients have seen extraordinary success.
Android application developers have years of know-how in the mobile application development space and are well acquainted with Android Software Development Kit (SDK), OpenGL, 3D graphics, Android Media APIs, Location-based Service APIs, Wi-Fi APIs, Android Security Architecture and other technologies mandatory to build best in class Android apps.
Our Windows Mobile development team is technically knowledgeable and well versed in .Net Compact Framework, J2ME, C++ and similar technical aspect, which gives us the sureness to take up even the toughest of challenges in Windows Mobile development.
Payment Gateways
Concept offer Payment Gateway integration to accept all debit and credit cards in a bid to serve the customers and merchants. The payment service is provided through internet for all governmental and private entities through several means like: Computers, Smart mobile, telephones of all kinds, Tablets of all kinds.


Concept Group is more than a retailer. The company is made up of different business units. Retail is the flagship business where Concept group is clearly the largest and most advance retailer in Kuwait. Wholesale makes Concept group the biggest multi-brand distributor in Kuwait with 20 sales representatives. Our services covers the WHOLESALE – Wholesale makes Concept group one of the biggest multi-brand distributor in Kuwait with 20 sales representatives. ZAIN Kuwait – Concept group is an authorized agent for Zain Kuwait.

Concept group is running a series of successful mobile and electronic shops. It covers the most important location in Kuwait. The latest mobile gadgets, warranted products and VIP experience. Simply, all what customers need under one roof, our Prestigious Showrooms: Avenues Mall, Hawalli – Al Zawyia Complex, Ghawali Complex (Kuwait City), Farwaniyah (Al Dabous Complex).
Wholesale makes Concept group one of the biggest multi-brand distributors in Kuwait with 20 sales representatives. Concept in partnership with the major electronic and home appliances shops in Kuwait. We offer a range of electronic and mobile accessories to our partners. Our list includes Alghanim stores, Ureka, Electrozan, Blink and many more other stores.